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20 years of Arriva in Derby

November marked 20 years of Arriva operating in Derby. November 1997 saw the arrival of 2 plaxton pointer Darts for the Pride Park and Ride service.

Yourbus and Arriva cut fares on competing services

Yourbus have reduced the price of a return fare between Alvaston and Derby to £2.50. Arriva have since matched this price offering a £2.50 return fare not only on the 1/1A and F1 but also the Oakwood services 20/22/24/26, a corridor which Yourbus also compete on.

Arriva have also reduced the price of weekly tickets to £10 and 4 weekly tickets to £35 - but they are only valid on the group of services they are purchased on not on the whole Derby network.

The other price drop is family day tickets with Arrivas at £5 and Yourbus now £6.50.

The offers are believed to be on until the end of December.

Wayfarer tickets valid on High Peak services, including transpeak, from 30th October 2017

The Derbyshire Wayfarer will once more be valid on High Peak services from the end of October. Last year, the company stopped accepting the ticket, which includes travel on almost all bus and train companies services within Derbyshire for one day. The ticket can also be used for trips to and from Burton, Sheffield and Uttoxeter so long as the journey starts or ends within Derbyshire.

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