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Spondon Flyer simplified

Trent Barton have announced that the Spondon Flyer service will be simplified from the end of October 2017. The change will see all journeys follow the current green route in an anti clockwise loop. This will increase journey times for most passengers, either on their inbound or outbound journey, and make it difficult to make journeys within Spondon as there is no service in the opposite direction.

Overall the daytime frequency will be reduced from every 10 to every 15 minutes. Evening service remains unchanged and Sunday daytimes improved to every 20 minutes. Smaller Optare Solos are set to be used in place of the current Versas. This with the reduction in frequency suggests a drop in demand. Both the Ilkeston Flyer and Y3 services travel through Spondon and both operate every 15 minutes during the daytime.

Some passengers (at the start of Flyer route) may take advantage of the Y3 with faster journey times following the changes. This service stops at all stops on Dale Road unlike the Ilkeston Flyer. It is also worth noting that Y3 and Spondon Flyer will depart from Spondon Village to Derby at exactly the same time following the changes.

Gold cards will no longer be valid on Derby to Nottingham Red Arrow - from August 7th 2017

Pensioners will have to pay to use the Red Arrow service between Derby and Nottingham from 7th August 2017. Derby City council has removed funding. Nottingham stopped funding journeys in the opposite direction early in 2016. There were also plans to remove funding for X38 journeys but this is not going ahead.

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