Derby Bus Depot ***Midland Classic: 3 ex Yourbus join fleet. ***Trent Barton: New E200 MMCs in use on Cotgrave. Volvos move to Kinchbus. ***Hulleys: X71 to Alton Towers from the end of March 2020. ***High Peak: Former Yourbus Citaros arrives and in service on Skyline 199. ******

Hulleys to introduce summer X71 route Sheffield to Stoke via Alton Towers

New service X71 will start on 29th March, connecting many places to Alton Towers and also connecting cities with smaller villages and walking routes within the peak district. More details once the timetable has been made publicly available.

Trent Barton withdraws from Pronto & fares revision

Trent Barton will no longer operate the Pronto from 16th February. Stagecoach will operate all journies from this date.

Trent Barton increased fares once again on 2nd February. The company continues investing in new buses and had new ticket machines last year, all of which cost money. On the other hand there appears to be an increasingly noticable amount of missing buses / lost mileage which not only causes short term inconvenience but also damages the reputation and confidence in the service. This also comes at a time when competition has all but ceased, which must mean that profits are up.

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