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Hulleys: More fleet additions, and a heritage livery. ***Trent: New E200 MMC buses arrive for Rainbow 1 and Kinchbus Skylink Derby. 2021 part of order cancelled. ***Midland Classic: 6 additional buses arrive. ***Yourbus: Where the fleet has gone, list updated.

Here you will find all the latest bus fleet news for many bus operators in and around the Derbyshire area. If you have anything to report please contact me by clicking here


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Andrews of Tideswell



23rd September 2020
New additions to the fleet are former Blackpool East Lancs Tridents (PJ03 TFF/N).

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Arriva Derby



27th November 2020
Arriva Midlands Cannock garage will pass to D&G from Sunday 10th January 2021, with operations being branded as Chaserider.

22nd November 2020
F1 will now continue as normal, despite arriva announcing that it would be withdrawn temporarily earlier last week.

7th September 2020
Nottingham University branded E400 4544 has lost its branding, and is now in use on local services in Derby, replacing spare 4545, which has returned to Leicester as a result.

Car park shuttles have resumed at East Midlands airport using 3104 and 1 or two Citaro bendybuses. 3102 was used briefly last month, alternating between there and a spare for local services in Derby.

21st June 2020
E200 MMC 3102 (YX17NLC) and 3104 (YX17 NLE) are currently in use here. They still carry the blue and white livery for the east midlands airport car park shuttles, which they were used on last summer. 3101 has has had the centre door removed and has been repainted in standard Arriva livery.

20th April 2020
4218 and 4221 reported to be on loan to Cannock.

20th April 2020
Two former City Rider / Arriva Derby vehicles, Scania / East Lancs (N429 XRC) and Mercedes minibus (P485 CAL) have now been preserved.

Currently the Volvo Geminis and Scania Omnicities / Wright Scania saloons appear to be SORN, with the E400s, Streetlites and VDL saloons making up the fleet that is in use. 15th January 2020
Cadets 2745/6/8 remain is use, on loan whilst other buses in the fleet are repainted / have exhausts upgraded. Volvo/Wright Eclipse 3927 remains in use for the same purpose. VDL 3763, and Omnicities 3566 and 3572 are the last vehicles at Derby in the old style inter urban livery (apart from loaned vehicles).

23rd April 2019
Scanias Omnicities 3581 and 3582 have joined the training school fleet renumbered 9561 and 9562.

4600 has moved to Tamworth some weeks ago, but has not seen service there. Currently VOR. 4200 remains at Tamworth but may move to Derby once 4600 is in use there.

Most/all of the Solos have now moved on to elsewhere within Arriva:

2505 - Telford,
2506 - Oswestry,
2507 - Shrewsbury,
2508 - Cannock,
2509 - High Wycombe,
2510 - Cannock,
2511 - Telford,
2512 - ??,
2513 - Cannock,
2514 - Cannock,
2515 - ??,
2516 - Cannock,
2517 - ??,
2618 - Telford,
2519 - Shrewsbury?,
2520 - Telford,
2521 - Telford,
2522 - Shrewsbury.

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8th August 2020


The first decker to join the fleet is former NCT Scania Omnidekka 694 (YN55 NGJ).
(C) Daniel Mullins

26th February

3 Metrocitys are curently on loan:
(YJ15 AAV), ex APH, Gatwick.
(YJ67 FYV), ex IGO
(YJ18 DKY), ex IGO.

2nd December


Former Trent route 21 Tempo 318 (YJ07 VSP) is now in use with CT4N reregistered as (J19 CTN) after being in storage for quite some time. Sister vehicle 317 (YJ07 VSO) has been used for spares and will be going / has gone for scrap.
(C) Geoff Girling




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Derby minibus


27th May 2020

Derby Minibus has now closed following the passing of David Mansfield on 5th May 2020. Starting in 1995 the company operated 7 vehicles.


DW Coaches, Clay Cross


23rd September 2020

New additions to the fleet here are ex Stagecoach London Trident ALX 400 (LX03 BZC) and ex Arriva London Volvo B7 ALX 400 (LJ05 BJU).

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G&J Holmes

9th September 2017
  The last two Solos have been sold. (LJ60 LTY) is now with Stephensons, Easingwold and (MX59 AVT) is now with Llew Jones, Llanrwst.

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Glovers of Ashbourne



23rd September 2020.

Former Burnley and Pendle Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown (Y162 HRN) is here. Last operated by Square Peg, Leeds.

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Harpurs Coaches


27th May 2020

Two Temsa coaches have joined the fleet (YJ13 GWC), ex MacDonald, Glasgow and (YJ13 GUE) ex Jones, Hereford.

25th February 2020

2 new additions to the fleet are former CT Plus, BMC Condors (YK06 DNU) and (YJ07 VXS).




(YK06 DNU) is one of two BMC Condors now in use here.
(C) Chris Gaskin

17th July 2019





Former Harpurs Olympian (M234 VSX) has been converted into a Cafe at a camp site on the outskirts of Warminster in Wiltshire. The owners of the camp site said that they acquired it from the Manchester area about 6 months ago.
(C) Phil G

1st June 2019
All over yellow Volvo B7TL, Alexander ALX400 (LJ03 MXL) arrived here in April, thought to be last operated by Richardson Travel of Midhurst, West Sussex after they cesed trading in February. Formerly with Arriva London..

8th November 2018
A new addition here is B12M (B204 COX) from Cox of Belper.

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Hawkes Coaches




7th February 2020


A fairly recent addition to the fleet (Jan) is former Panther Travel B12B (YN54 WWT). It carried (DB 54 PAN) when at Panther Travel.
(C) Geoff Girling



High Peak



23rd September 2020
A fairly new addition to the fleet, in new centrebus livery, is Optare Solo SR 296 (KX14 FHT). This was used in Malta when new.

Scanias 690 (high Peak) and 691/2 (skyline) remain in use here. Others from the batch have moved elsewhere in the centrebus group, including 693 which has had a repaint and in use on the busway in Luton.


Former Yourbus Citaro 805 (BF62 JYW) is now in use with High Peak, branded for the Skyline 199 route between Buxton to Manchester Airport.
(C) Chris Gaskin

29th January 2020
6 former Yourbus Citaros have arrived here:

805 (BF62 JYW) - Skyline 199,
806 (BF62 JYZ) - Skyline 199,
807 (BK13 XYD) - Skyline 199,
808 (BK13 XYA) - Skyline 199,
809 (BK13 XYG) - High Peak (new centrebus livery),
810 (BK13 XYH) - High Peak (new centrebus livery).

They join the Citaros already added to the fleet last year: 801 (FM11 EJV) - Skyline 199, ex Isle of Man (KMN-201-L), 802 (FM11 EJC) - Skyline 199, ex Isle of Man (KMN-202-L)?, 803 (FM11 EJD) - Skyline 199, ex Isle of Man (KMN-203-L)?, 804 (BN12 EOX) - Skyline 199, ex Stagecarriage, Middlesbrough.

18th December
The following three Mercedes Citaros are now in service branded for Skyline 199 alongside 804 which arrived in the autumn.
801 (FM11 EJV) - former (KMN-201-L),
802 (FM11 EJC),
803 (FM11 EGD)?

Scania 697 is currently in operation with Midland Classic, and is unlikely to return.


Skyline branded Citaro 804 (BN12 EOX) is seen here in Derby bus station on the Transpeak route.
(C) John Moore

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Hulleys of Baslow

18th November 2020
A new addition to the fleet is former Xelabus Scania Omnilink number 24 (YR10 AZA). This carries Hulleys livery and fleet names.

29th October 2020
In a correction to the the news earlier this month, Enviro 200 (SW64 XAR) was new to Leasks of Lerwwick as (T20 JLS).

6th October 2020
Former Metroline Enviro 400 (LK09 EKU) now carries fleet livery, no fleet number as yet.

Dart 11 now withdrawn, replaced by Enviro 200 (SW64 XAR). This vehicle was formerly with Leasks of Lerwick from new as (T20 JLS). The independant company has recently ceased operating after 101 years. 7th September 2020
A new addition to the fleet is reported to be former Metroline Enviro 400 (LK09 EKU).

31st July 2020
Hulleys have painted Enviro 15 in Silver Service livery to celebrate 100 years since the formation of that company.

Solo number 9 has been advertised For Sale.


Hulleys number 2, seen here in sunny Sheffield, looking very smart after a recent repaint into fleet livery.
(C) Ian Moorcroft


Hulleys have painted Enviro 15 in Silver Service livery to celebrate 100 years since the formation of that company.
(C) Adrian Healey

14th July 2020
The last MCV bodied bus, Dart 18 (PL06 TGF) has been withdrawn with engine problems, and will probably be scrapped. The replacement 18 is another ex Epsom Buses Quality Line via Whippet, Cambridge, in the form of Optare Solo 18 (YJ 11 EJD). This will enter service shortly in all over London red like sisters 4 and 10.

Gemini fleet number 2 now looks very smart in the Hulleys double deck version of standard livery. Enviro 15 (MK63 XAU) has now gone for repaint.

11th June 2020
Ex Travel De Courcey Versa (YJ62 FTN) has joined the fleet as the new number 1 in fleet livery.
Ex Blackpool Solo (YJ07 EJC) has become fleet number 13, and has also been painted into fleet livery.
Solos 4 and 10 are now in use in red livery.

30th May 2020
Solo 1 (MX06 ACV) has been sold to Stafford Bus Centre in part exchange for a 12 plate Optare Versa (Ex De Courcey, Coventry). This has gone for repaint.

E200 number 4 (MX59 ZCL) has been sold to Whippet, Cambridgeshire.

Two new arrivals are former RATP Quality Line Solos in the shape of 4 (YJ11 EJA) and 10 (YJ09 MHN) (former 20252/47). Both are still in London red but expected to enter service prior to repaint.

10th May 2020
Vehicles sold:
10 - Solo (MX56 ACF), sold to Gibbs Taxis, Dundee.
24 - Solo (KN54 XYP) (in conexions livery), sold to CM Coaches, Greenock.

New arrival Solo (YJ07 EJC), ex Blackpool fleet number 287. This has arrived in Blackpool livery but will be painted before entering service. A second from the same batch is also due.

6th May 2020
New here isVolvo B7TL / Wright Gemini (BX55 XNT), which has become fleet number 2. New to Abellio London as its 9064, and purchased from its last operator, Peoples Bus, Liverpool in whose livery it still carries. It will be painted in a variation of fleet livery. It is for use on a school service from September.

Enviro 200 / MCV number 16 went to Geoff Ripleys for scrap last week.

Solo 10 (MX56 ACF) and the former connexions Solo (KN54 XYP)? were advertised for sale on ebay last week.


Gemini number 2 has joined the fleet.
(C) Ian Moorcroft

20th April 2020
A new arrival here is Volvo 2 (YJO7 PCF) ex Lancashire United. It has arrived in fleet livery, but is currently SORN.
A Volvo B7/Wright Gemini is set to join the fleet in the next couple of months.

Services 14 Sandiacre to Ilkeston and 29 Sandiacre to Long Eaton have been temporarily been taken over by Hulleys, as CT4N are understandably not operating services at this moment. 1 bus is required, this usually being Solo number 1.

30th March 2020
Versa 5 now carries fleet livery.

Number 2 has been scrapped.


Versa number 5 now carries fleet livery.
(C) Ian Moorcroft


Solo number 6, in West Hallam on the last day Hulleys operate the route 11 on 23rd February 2020. Littles will continue running the evening service until Saturday. The funding from the council, which supported the service until now, has been removed and used to fund the daytime service 59. Yourbus previously operated the 59 commercially and the 11 under contract.
(C) Geoff Girling

23rd December 2019
The Versa is now expected to enter service in January as it is currently away being repaired.
Coach 6 (YJ06 LDF) has been sold to Wilkins Brothers Coaches, Cymmer, Port Talbot, South Wales.
Former Blackpool Solo (YJ09 OTH) has arrived here and entered service in fleet livery. It is numbered 6.

11th December 2019


Versa number 5 with cream fleet names applied. It should be in use soon.
(C) Ian Morrcroft

2nd December 2019
A new addition to the fleet is Versa 5 (YJ60 KGO). New to Epsom coaches, it still retains london red livery and dual doors, and is set to enter service this week with the addition of cream fleet names. It replaces Dart 5 (PL06 TGE) which was sent for scrap (Wards) last Friday.

Scania/Wright (YN05 GXA) is currently on loan from Connexions, Harrogate for a few weeks. This was new to Reading buses, before passing to Eddie Brown then to its current owner Harrogate Coach Travel (trading as Conexions bus).


Scania (YN05 GXA) is currently on loan, seen here in Chesterfield.
(C) Tony Wilson

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Johnson Bros / Redferns


8th August 2020 A recent addition is (YN55 NHZ), ex London Sovereign as SLE40626 still in London red livery. Omnidekka (YN56 FFU) has recently been repainted into it's base silver livery and will soon receive West Nottinghamshire College branding. (YN56 FFV) is also due to get the same treatment soon, currently in Brighton & Hove livery.


Former Nottingham City Transport (YN04 UJF) is now in operation with Redferns and is seen here in Chesterfield.
(C) Tony Wilson


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Littles Travel



5th April 2020 A short ADL Enviro 200 has joined the fleet as B15(KX59 CYY). There may be a second one too?


B15 seen here in Ripley in March.
(C) Daniel Mullins

28th November 2019 New additions to the fleet are Volvo/Wright B3/4 (HF54 HGK/L) from Morebus. Both are now in service in Morebus livery.


Former Morebus Volvo, fleet number B4 (HF54 HGL) is seen here in Ripley on route 144.
(C) Daniel Mullins


Former Morebus Volvo (HF54 HGK) is seen here in Derby before working a 9A.
(C) Geoff Girling

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Midland Classic

17th November 2020

New additions to the fleet are 6 short Scania K230UB/ Irizar i3 buses. They were previously operated by Menzies at Heathrow Airport. As far as am i aware they are the only 6 of this length in the UK, with some longer variants in service with Reading buses, and three (former demos) with Lucketts. Currently in all over silver the six new arrivals are expected to be refurbished before being used in service. The six arrivals are:

(YN64 FWU),
(YN64 FWV),
(YN64 FWW),
(YN64 FWX),
(YN64 FWY),
(YN64 FWZ).

6th October 2020

Former Nottingham City Transport Scania demo 86 (X94 USC) has been withdrawn after being involved in an RTA last month.

7th September 2020


Volvo B7TL /President 101 is 1 of 6 that have entered service with Midland Classic. Extra vehicles are required for dedicated school bus services. Some route numbers have also altered, with those left in the 800 series being for dedicated school services.
(C) Mark Kinson

31st July 2020

6 extra buses have joined the fleet as more buses will be needed to provide school services from September. All are Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President H66D, ex Metroline. They are set to enter service in London red. Details below.

101 (LK04 NNE), ex Metroline VPL596,
102 (LK04 NNF), ex Metroline VPL597,
103 (LK04 NNL), ex Metroline VPL601,
104 (LK54 FWL), ex Metroline VPL631,
105 (LK54 FWO), ex Metroline VPL634,
106 (LK54 FWR), ex Metroline VPL635.

12th June 2020


63 now carries fleet livery, complete with new style fleet name. It also has the addition of the rainbow stripe and adverts thanking key workers for their efforts throughout the current situation.
(C) Geoff Girling


Former Yourbus E200 number 22 now carries the new style fleetnames, for Midland Classic of Burton.
(C) Mark Kinson

10th May 2020

Burton Corporation liveried E400 number 63 has been repainted into fleet livery, complete with rainbow stripe between decks, and messages thanking NHS and key workers in the advertising areas.

A new style "Midland Classic of Burton" fleet name is being applied to the fleet.

Metrocitys 4 to 9 all now carry the revised base livery for route 9.

5th April 2020

Metrocitys 4 and 8 now carry the revised livery for route 9. Number 5 and 9 are expected to be painted soon.


Metrocity number 8 carries a new livery for route 9.
(C) James Boddice


22 now carried fleet livery.
(C) Mark Kinson

7th February 2020

E400 92 and 93 now carried fleet livery. 22 away for repaint.

31st January 2020

Olympian 96 has now been painted into Stevensons livery.

Solo 31 withdrawn and scrapped.


In the photographers words, 96 is seen here looking replendent in Stevensons of Uttoxeter livery, back at the garage after repaint.
(C) Keith West

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Nottingham buses


6th April 2016


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Paul S Winsons Loughborough


16th August 2020


Volvo (FJU 973) seen here in Loughborough. New to Anglian,Beccles as (AU06 BPK), it was recently acquired from Blackpool Transport.



Skills, Nottingham


19th October 2020
Forest team coach (YD14 GDU) now carries (N1 SMC). (L8 GER) now carries fleet livery, ex Luxuria as Forest director coach.

One vehicle remains in Lothian livery, (SIL 7025).

Skills have the 16 vehicle contract to run the NEC shuttles, once they start operating again. The 16 vehicle contract was previously operated by De Courcey, Coventry who went into administration in August. The 16 Citaros have transfered to Skills. They will be outstationed at NEC, but maintained in Nottingham.

5th October 2020
(regs corrected from last week)
(SIL 7028) now carries fleet livery.

(BV19 LNJ), (BV69 XYO) and (BV69 XYR) are now in the new Shearing livery, ready to start work in October.

Scania Higers (YT15 AVO/M/N/) and (YN15 ENC/E/F) are returning to Scania off lease.

The Volvo team coach for Forest is reported to be (N11 SMC).

All the 61 plate leavantes are now in use on schools.

6th February 2020
The last 2 ex Lothian Tridents have been re-registered, all now in service (full list is below in previous update). (SIL 7025) and (SIL 7028) remain in Lothian livery. A new paintshop/workshop is currently under construction, so they are unlikely to be painted until this is up and running.

Mercedes (MCT 612) reverted back to (FN07 AEA) and was sold to an operator in Ireland in December 2019.

Yutongs (YJ15 HLM) is now (MCT 612) and (YG65 ABV) has become (VCZ 9811). The other vehicle that carried (VCZ 9811) has reverted to (FN53 ???)!

3 new Levante 3s in use are (BV69 KRE/F/G). (FJ61 EWR/V) have come off national express work as a result, and are now used on schools. 3 more new Levantes due in the summer to replace further older examples.

Levantes (FJ09 DWY) and (FJ09 DXT)have both been sold, the later to an operator in Milton Keynes after being upseated to 70.

(FJ10 EZT/U) back in use, but expected to be sold. (SIL 7027), formerly (MV11 LVM) reported as sold in exchange for a new Volvo team coach.

Scania Berkhof (SIL 7943), (SIL 9541) and (SIL 7948) reported sold/for sale along with Beaulas (SIL 7029/30) ex (YN55 KWR/T).

6 new Scania Irizars may join the fleet later in the year.

15th September 2019

Trident (SN04 ABZ) is now (SFZ 5770). The final two have yet to be reregistered.

(BV19 LNE) is now in use with Silverdale, and Skills have similar (BV19 LNH). Neoplans (SIL 7028) and (SIL 7947) have left.

(FJ09 DXU) is now a 70 seater.

2 35 seat Yutongs have arrived, a 15 plate and 65 plate. More soon.

18th July 2019

2 new MCV bodied Volvo B11R coaches are here as (BV19 LNF/G). Both have entered service in plain white. 2 Neoplans (MF11 LVJ/K), in use here as (SIL 7024/5) have left the fleet in part exchange. Another MCV is due for Skills and 5 for Silverdale later in the year.



Skills brand new MCV521 Volvo B11R is seen here on Victoria Embankment.
(C) Calum Maclennan



30th June 2019

2 new Levante 3s are here as (BV19 XPO/P), with a third expected soon.

Van Hool coach (YD14 GDU) has arrived here, has been repainted and now carries registration (N1 SMC).

Former (N1 SMC) has been registered (UJI 6312).

New Tourismos here are (BV19 YJC/D). Both have been painted. (BV19 YCA/B) are in plain white at Silverdale. (SFZ 5770/1) reverted to registrations (YT11 LPJ/K) before going to Evobus in part exchange. The private plates will go on the ex Lothian Tridents.

Olympian (M421 UKN) is another to go to freeway, joining 418/9/20.

S451 is now in Norfolk in use as a fruit picker and W301 to an operator in Staffordshire.

Ex Lothian Tridents here are:
(SN04 ABV), now (SIL 7025) - still in Lothian livery.
(SN04 ABX), now (SIL 6434),
(SN04 ABZ), now (SFZ 5770),
(SN04 ACV), now (SIL 6435),
(SN04 ACU), now (SIL 7024),
(SN04 ACY), now (SIL 7032),
(SN04 ADX), now (SIL 3431),
(SN04 AEA), now (SFZ 5771),
(SN04 AEK), now (SIL 9126),
(SN04 AEL), now (SIL 7028).

Olympians (M218/9/20 UKN) are now with Freeway.

(KJZ 8508) has reverted back to (FJ04 SNX) has been sold for export. Trident (SN04 AEL) will be an 82 seater and fully DDA as back up for (SN17 MVV).

(M419/21 UKN) and (S451 ATV) have been sold. (W301 MKY) thought to have gone. (W302/3 MKY) remain in use.

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TM Travel


See Wellglade section.


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The Wellglade group
trent barton, kinchbus, notts+derby and T M Travel.



27th November 2020
At least Versas 843 and 845 now carry sixes livery and are ready to enter service very soon. Branding is for Derby to Belper every 15 minutes, with some carrying additional branding for Ripley and others for Matlock. The usual circle on each side is light blue with Belpers East Mill, the river and cable cars depicted. East Mill also features on the rear. I expect the branded will be the same on all, but i may be proved wrong.

22nd November 2020
All 11 of the former Skylink Citaros 907 to 917 are reported as sold to McGills.

The first of the former Rainbow 1 Versas have been repainted for the sixes.

8th November 2020
All 4 Enviro 400s are now in service with notts+derby.

Volvo 747 has had Comet branding removed, and is now being used as a spare bus at Derby. A duplicate working is now operated on the Villager at school times, requiring an additional bus. 746 has an issue with the engine, and may not return to service. 2 fewer buses are needed on the comet as it now operates hourly (previously every 30).

Scania 656 has moved to Nottingham where an additional bus is now required for an i4 duplicate at school times.
735 and de branded sixes scania 659 are now based at Sutton as additional vehicles, again certain routes (nines and threes i believe) require duplicates at busy/school times.

Former Rainbow 1 Versas, expected to be 836 to 845 should appear in sixes livery soon, with 846 to 851 appearing in Mango spare livery.

29th October 2020
Solo 501 now carries full Kinchbus livery. Tempo 320 has been withdrawn as a result. The other 3 Tempos continue in use with Kinch, providing more capacity on the university services.
Volvo 735 reported back in use with trent barton, based at Sutton Junction.

16th October 2020
4 former London E400s have joined the notts+derby fleet. They have come via Ensign, who also used them in service during September. The 4 now here are:

11 (LK58 KGJ),
12 (LK58 KGO),
13 (LK58 KHG),
14 (LK58 KHH).


Brand new Trent Rainbow 1 E200 169 (YX20 OJM) leaving Nottingham.
(C) Calum Maclennan

5th October 2020
598 now withdrawn at notts and derby, expected to be replaced by something bigger in the next week or so.

"Sixes" and "comet" timetables are still running at reduced levels, resulting in branded buses being spare. These have occasionally been used on other services when required.

23rd September 2020
All of the new Enviro 200 MMCs are now in use.

Door 2 Door Minibus 1029 (WX05 XVN) has been sold to Tiger European, Nottingham.

16th September 2020
The Rainbow 1 E200 MMCs are now in service. Kinch 915 and 917 have now been withdrawn, leaving just 916 in use on skylink.

Versas 801, 830/1/2 are now in use on routes 11/12 in Loughborough for which they are branded. Tempos 320 and 321 have also been used in recent weeks as spares. The fate of the 4 Tempos they replace is unknown, they may see use elsewhere in the Wellglade group.

The 2021 order for new E200 MMC buses (for Threes) has been cancelled.

A number of ADL E200 MMC have arrived at Langley Mill for use on Trent Barton Rainbow 1 (due in service mid September) and Skylink Derby (most in use now alongside Citaros 915/6/7 for now). The Rainbow 1 Versas are set to be used on the sixes, replacing the Scanias which have been on there since new.

Confirmed registrations so far are:

Yellow for Kinchbus, Skylink Derby:
146 (YX20 OHA),
147 (YX20 OHB),
148 (YX20 OHC),
149 (YX20 OHD),
150 (YX20 OHE),
151 (YX20 OHF),
152 (YX20 OHG),
153 (YX20 OHH),
154 (YX20 OHJ).
155 (YX20 OHK),
156 (YX20 OHL),
157 (YX20 OHN).

Blue for trent barton Rainbow 1:
158 (YX20 OJA),
159 (YX20 OJB),
160 (YX20 OJC),
161 (YX20 OJD),
162 (YX20 OJE),
163 (YX20 OJF),
164 (YX20 OJG),
165 (YX20 OJH),
166 (YX20 OJJ),
167 (YX20 OJK),
168 (YX20 OJL),
169 (YX20 OJM),
170 (YX20 OJN),
171 (YX20 OJO),
172 (YX20 OJP),
173 (YX20 OJR).

Spare Mango livery:
174 (YX20 OJS),
175 (YX20 OJT).


Versa 830 depart Loughborough Town Centre.

8th August 2020
Many of the Kinchbus Skylink Derby ADL E200 MMCs are now in use. The 3 newer Citaros, 915/6/7 continue in service for now, as not all of the new ADLs have been delivered yet. At this time it is expected the whole batch of Rainbow 1 E200s will enter service on the same day (once all have arrived), replacing the Versas which are expected to be branded for the sixes.

Versas 828 and 829 have been in use on the H1 this week alongside the repainted Volvos. 830 now in Kinchbus livery along with 801 (831/2 expected to follow, replacing Tempos).


Kinchbus Skylink branded E200 MMC 154 leaving Derby bound for Leicester.
(C) Adrian Healy


Kinchbus Skylink branded E200 MMC 147 in Derby on its first day in service.
(C) Chris Broom


brand new Trent Rainbow 1 E200 (YX20 OJK) on a test run.
(C) Daniel Mullins

9th July 2020
Several new Enviro 200 MMCs for both Rainbow 1 and Skiylink Derby have been delivered to Langley Mill.

Former Rapid one Volvos 726 and 727 now carry H1 livery and are being used alongside 732 and 734. The Versas no longer appear to be used. 801 has been painted for Kinch 11/12 with other set to follow.


732 now carries H1 livery along with 734.
(C) Geoff Girling






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Yourbus, Nottingham





YOURBUS ceased trading on Friday 4th october 2019


E200 (YY67 USC) in use in Southend with Stephensons.
(C) Adrian Healy


Citaro (BK13 XYF) is now with Connexions bus, and has been repainted and branded for route 13.
(C) Tommy Holland

25th February 2020

The list further down the page lists all the known operators of the former fleet. Just a few left unaccounted for (the ones in red).

3029 (BK13 XYF) now with Harrogate coach travel (connexions).


Former Yourbus E200 MMC (YY18 THU) now in use at Ensignbus. Seen here at Lakeside bus station.


Former Yourbus E200 1414 in use in Wigan with Diamond North West, still in full yourbus livery. Most have been repainted or had large Diamond fleet names applied.
(C) Geoff Girling


Former Yourbus Citaro Demonstrator 3032 (BF60 OEZ) now with Diamond North West.
(C) Geoff Girling

Shall attempt to list where the former Yourbus vehicles now operate below. Most/all the Citaros moved to Diamond North West along with some of the "old style" E200s. Other E200s are for sale by dealers, with 3 likely to be on there way to a local company soon. The E200 MMCs are now with Ensign, and understood to be used in their operational fleet in the near future. Some vehicles of the vehicles on the list may have moved on before Yourbus ceased trading.

3001 (BT11 UWF), fire (1/15), then repaired to Preston bus.
3002 (BT11 UWG), Preston
3003 (BT11 UWH), Preston
3004 (BT11 UWJ), Preston
3005 (BT11 UWK), Preston
3006 (BT11 UWL), Preston
3007 (BT11 UWM), Preston
3008 (BT11 UWN) Fire (2/15) then Preston
3009 (BT11 UWO). Preston

3010 (BF62 JZA), Diamond NW Blue
3011 (BF62 JZC), Diamond NW Blue
3012 (BF62 JZD), Diamond NW Blue with names
3013 (BF62 JZE), Diamond NW old Yourbus livery (ex Y5 branding removed)
3014 (BF62 JZG). Diamond NW Newer Yourbus livery

3015 (BF62 JYR), Diamond NW Full Y5 livery
3016 (BF62 JYS). Diamond NW Newer Yourbus livery

3017 (BF62 JYT), Diamond NW Newer Yourbus livery
3018 (BF62 JYU), Diamond NW Newer Yourbus livery
3019 (BF62 JYV), Diamond NW Blue with names
3020 (BF62 JYW), High Peak Skyline
3021 (BF62 JYX), Diamond NW Newer Yourbus livery
3022 (BF62 JYY), Diamond NW Full Y1 livery
3023 (BF62 JYZ). High Peak Skyline

3024 (BK13 XYA) Y1, High Peak Skyline
3025 (BK13 XYB) Y1, ??
3026 (BK13 XYC) Y1, Reported sold to Mangan Tours, Ballynacraig, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Now (132 DL 2108). Now sold to Kenneallys.
3027 (BK13 XYD) Y3, High Peak Skyline
3028 (BK13 XYE) Evobus Jan 19
3029 (BK13 XYF) Evobus Jan 19 - then Harrogate coach (Connexions) Dec 19
3030 (BK13 XYG) to High Peak
3031 (BK13 XYH) to High Peak

3032 - (BF60 OEZ ) Demo, Diamond NW - Blue

August 2019. 3101 to 3110 are now with Diamond North West at Bolton garage.

(longer B39 seating):
1401 (SN10 CDE) Diamond NW Yourbus livery

1402/3 (SN10 CDF/K) Diamond Birmingham few years ago

1404 (SN66 WLL) Stephensons of Essex (in use in yourbus livery).
1405 (SN66 WLP) Sold to Metrobus
1406 (SN66 WLO) Stephensons, Essex

1407(YX17 NJJ) Diamond NW Blue
1408 (YX17 NJK) Diamond NW Blue with names
1409 (YX17 NJN) Faresave , Chippenham
1410 (YX17 NSJ) Faresave , Chippenham (via Ensign),

1411 (YX67 VGZ), Diamond NW Blue
1412 (YY67 USG), Sargeants coaches, Hereford.
1413 (YY67 USH), Warrington (222)
1414 (YY67 USJ), Diamond NW Full yourbus livery
1415 (YY67 USL), Diamond NW Yourbus livery
1416 (YY67 USM), Go North West (4021)
1417 (YY67 USN), Go North West (4022)
1418 (YY67 USO), Midland Classic Nov 19

(Short B33 seating):
1450 (YY67 USB), Midland Classic Nov 19
1451 (YY67 USC), Stephensons, Essex (in livery).
1452 (YY67 USD). Stephensons, Essex (in livery).
1453 (YY67 USE), sold to Nicolsons, Cunningsburgh, Shetland.
1454 (YY67 USF). - Midland Classic Nov 19

E200 MMC
1801 (YY18 THK), - Ensign August 2019
1802 (YY18 THN), - Ensign August 2019
1803 (YY18 THU), - Ensign August 2019
1804 (YY18 THV), - Ensign August 2019
1805 (YY18 THX), - Ensign August 2019
1806 (YY18 THZ). - Ensign August 2019

Coaches Irizar
5001 (CC04 MAL), (ex Stantons of Stoke) - close asset finance, Derby 5002 (YR02 ZYW). - close asset finance, Derby

5101 (BF68 ZHV) in livery. (BF68 ZFW) when new! Now with Corbel Coaches (pink replace red on yourbus livery).
5102 (BF68 ZFX). in livery. - Corbel coaches
5103 (BF68 ZFY). White. - Corbel coaches
5104 (BF68 ZFZ). In livery - London operator? (Possibly Corbel too).
5105 (BF68 ZGA). in livery. - Ventura coach sales, Cranfield, to ??

5106?(BF68 ZGB). Sold to Chiltern Travel
5107? (BF68 ZGC). White. ??

Also (BA19 OXH) and (BA19 OXJ) not delivered? Both now with Thandi.

PJ02 RHA -?

4th October 2019

Yourbus ceased trading on Friday 4th October 2019. Some vehicles are understood to have been sold to Rotala last Thursday, old style E200s and Citaros.

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