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***Diamond: Former yellow buses Geminis in service, fleet upgraded with more Streetdecks. ***Trent: New buses for threes start to arrive.

Here you will find all the latest bus fleet news for many bus operators in and around the Derbyshire area. If you have anything to report please contact me by clicking here


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£2 bus fare cap extended to end of December 2024

Many local bus operators are taking part in the governments £2 bus fare cap scheme, which will mean passengers pay only £2 for a single journey until the end of December 2024. The government will reimburse the operator on a monthly basis (up to a pre agreed limit between government and each individual operator).

Locally, Trent Barton and Arriva are the two main operators that have agreed to take part along with Stagecoach and many other operators in the surrounding area. For trent barton, red arrow is the only route where the discounted fare will not be available.

On the one hand the scheme may encourage new passengers to try the bus, and reduce the cost, short term at least, for others. However some may use the bus less as a result, taking cheaper singles in place of the weekly or monthly tickets - allowing greater flexability to use other methods of travel. The other potential issues are that services may not be able to meet the demand, and how passengers respond to what will be percieved as a major price increase when the scheme ends - and fares return to current levels or higher.

The lack of clarity throughout has led to operators announcing they are joining/continueing with the scheme at very short notice. Fares are now set to be £2 single until end of December 2024.

Government website with details

Trent Barton site with details

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Arriva Derby



14th November 2023
VDLs 2917 and 2926 have been renumbered 3738 (CX58 EXJ) and 3740 (CX58 FZH).

26th October 2023
2917 (CX58 EXJ) has now arrived at Derby and is in use. 3768 has gone the Liverpool.


VDL 3738 (CX58 EXJ) is seen here in Derby near the bus station.
(C) Geoff Girling

3rd October 2023
VDL 2926 (CX58 FZH) has arrived in Derby from Liverpool in exchange for newer VDL 3768. There is now an age restriction of 15 years for buses operating into the centre of Liverpool. 3767 and 3769 are also expected to be exchanged (2917/37 expected to come to Derby, but are still in use in Liverpool as of today).


VDL 2926 (CX58 FZH) is seen here near the Spot in Derby.
(C) Geoff Girling

13th March 2023
Gemini 4224 is now back in use. 4213 has also been seen back in service, after being off the road for a while.

9th January 2023
Gemini 4224 reported as withdrawn. It has not been seen in use for many months.

28th December 2022
Omnilink 3512 is in use here.

17th October 2022
Omnilink 3511 and VDL 3763 have moved from Derby to Tamworth.

24th August 2022
E400 4403 is back in service, repainted in standard livery.

13th July 2022
E400 4405 is back in service, repainted in standard livery.

30th June 2022
The E200 MMC 4113 is no longer in use at Derby.
Streetlite 4278 (GN14 DXW) has been seen in Derby recently.

24th May 2022
A different E200 MMC, 4113 (SN67 WUA) is now in use at Derby.


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Derby Community Transport


3rd October 2023

Many larger vehicles have joined the fleet now that many of the tendered services around Alfreton are operated by the company:
Former Littles short E200s (KX59 CYY) and (KX59 GKV).
Solo (KX14 FJP).
Short Solo (MA07 BUS) from Star Travel, Aylesbury.


DW Coaches, Clay Cross


7th March 2023

Volvo PS (R897 XVM) has arrived here from Harpurs coaches, Derby.


Volvo Alexander PS (L623 TDY).
(C) Chris Gaskin

23rd September 2020

New additions to the fleet here are ex Stagecoach London Trident ALX 400 (LX03 BZC) and ex Arriva London Volvo B7 ALX 400 (LJ05 BJU).

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G&J Holmes

9th September 2017

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Glovers of Ashbourne



6th July 2023.

Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown (Y162 HRN) left here a while ago, but has turned up with Workington Transport Heritage Trust where it will be used in service.

15th September 2021.

The latest addition to the fleet is former Parks of Hamilton tri axle Plaxton Panther (SA13 YPH).

26th January 2021.

A new arrival here later last year was Volvo B12M (W V02 EUP), which has gained registration (AIG 4549), Ex Panther Travel, Parkeston. It was (AB02 PAN) for a while at Panther Travel.

The Volvo B10M that was (AIG 4549) has reverted back to (W898 RRU) before being withdrawn and possibly sold?

23rd September 2020.

Former Burnley and Pendle Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown (Y162 HRN) is here. Last operated by Square Peg, Leeds.

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Harpurs Coaches


26th October October 2023

A correction to the news earlier this month: of the two white DAF Geminis sold, (LJ05 BHV) to Butler Bros, and (LJ05 BHP) to Freeway, Pinxton (previously got them the wrong way round - my error).

3rd October 2023

All three of the recently acquired Volvo ALX400s have been or are away for painting.

21st September 2023

Three Volvo B7TL/ALX400 (LJ53 BDU/X) (LJ53 BFN) have joined the fleet. New to Arriva London, they were last in use with 1st Bus Stop, Gravesend. BDX is in use in red, the two others have been/are away for repaint into fleet livery.

7th March 2023

Volvo Alexander PS (R897 XVM) has been sold to DW Coaches, Clay Cross, Derbyshire.

3rd November 2022

Volvo Olympian (V370 DJU) has gone to PVS for scrap. Volvo B7TL/ALX400 (X423 PFE) has also been withdrawn, but remains on site for storage.
The last Volvo Olympian in the fleet, (X912 LUT) has been withdrawn and due to go for scrap (repairs not viable following rta).

8th September 2022

Olympian (V351 DJU) went for scrap last month.

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Hawkes Coaches







High Peak



14th November 2023
Citaro 805 has been repainted into High Peak livery.


Citaro 805 has been repainted into Transpeak livery.
(C) Geoff Girling

19th September 2023
A second Citaro, 804 (BN12 EOX) now carries Buxton Buzz livery.

3rd August 2023
Two former Marshalls, Sutton on Trent nr Newark, Optare Versas have arrived here 765 (YJ67 GBE) and 766 (YJ67 GBF). Both are now red and carry Skyline 199 branding, joining the 4 new e200s on the route.

Citaro 806 now carries a cream and green "buxton buzz" livery, accompanied by the obligatory image of a bee. Ex Isle of Man Citaros 801 (FM11 EJV), 804 (BN12 EOX) and the other ex yourbus 805/7/8 continue in use in skyline livery, although also appear on other services. 809 carries High Peak livery. 802/3 (IOM) and 810 (Yourbus) have been withdrawn for some time.

Optare Solo SR 297 (YD63 UZH) has joined the fleet, and is in use in Ross Travel (previous operator) livery.

13th March 2023
Solo 296 (KX14 FHT) withdrawn following accident damage. Solo 177 (YJ58 PKU) is here from D&G in its place.

4 brand new E200 MMCs have arrived here and are in use in allover red. Most now have Skyline branding applied:

534 (YX72 ONP),
535 (YX72 ONO),
536 (YX72 ONM),
537 (YX72 ONN).

Centrebus liveried E200s 593/4 (YY64 GWL/M) are also in use here.

Citaro 810 (BK13 XYH) has been withdrawn.

Short E200 MMC 540/1 (YX22 OGG/H) have now transfered to chaserider.

15th August 2022
Omnicity 729 (YN07 EYC) is now in use here.

Transpeak branded Omnicities 788 (YN06 CJE) and 789 (YN07 EXP) reported to be withdrawn.

20th July 2022
The Transpeak service has been awarded 6 months of funding from Derbyshire County Council, and so continues to operate.

Scania Omnilinks 726/7 (H2/3 UHL) are now in use here.

Scania/Wright Solars 704 and 748 (B5/6 WER) are now with Chaserider in red livery. Optare Versa 780 is also in use there still in green.

Omnicity 789 reported to be withdrawn. transpeak E200 526 withdrawn, but likely to be repaired at some point!

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Hulleys of Baslow

14th November 2023
Another bus, Solo SR (YJ09 MMO) is on hire from Go Coach covering for white Solo number 2 which was involved in an RTA and is unlikely to return to service.
Solo 14 (YJ57 XWR) has been scrapped.

3rd October 2023
E400 (LK57 AXT) is another bus on hire from Go Coach, Kent.

21st September 2023
E200 MCV number 20 (LK58 CSU) has been withdrawn and towed away upon MOT expiry.

19th September 2023
On loan here from Go Coach, Kent is Optare Versa (YJ59 GFO).

Optare Tempo (YJ60 LSL), which was sold a while back has re-emerged in the area, with De Luxe, Burton.

5th August 2023
New here in all over white is Volvo B8/MCV Evora (BV23 NVH). Will be in service soon.

6th July 2023
E400 (LK09 EKP) will join the fleet soon. It has been painted into fleet livery and converted to single door.

Go Coach E400 (LK57 AYB) has joined the fleet.

E200 number 17 to be repainted into fleet livery (currently branded for 110/111).


Hulleys Breezer passes through Hope.

18th May 2023
The new number 1 is brand new E200 MMC (YX23 OTB). This is now in service in white, after being returned for modifications shortly after arrival.

E200 MMC (YX72 OJY) has been/is in use here (on loan).

The open topper is being repainted into fleet livery ready for the new breezer (Baslow - Castleton) service which starts later this month.

3rd April 2023
E200/MCV number 1 (LK58 CRZ) is currently being used for spares prior to being scrapped due to chassis rot.

9th March 2023
Latest addition, currently on loan in Go coach E400 (LK57 AYB).

Ex Go Coach Solo (YJ57 XWN) has joined the fleet as the new number 2. It is in allover white livery. Ex Nottingham City Transport, new to Courtney buses, Bracknell.

Former silver service liveried E200 number 15 (MK63 XAU) has been repainted into North Western heritage livery to celebrate this companies centenery year.

E200/MCV (LK09 EKJ) withdrawn due to chassis corrosion.

Dennis Trident 22 (LR52 KXJ) also withdrawn following engine failure.

Forme Hulleys (and South Notts/NCT) single deck Atlantean (OTO 555M), laterly (RAU 804M) is now preserved in the area, at Nottingham Heritage vehicles, Hucknall.

9th January 2023
Former Trent Scania 671 (FJ55 AAF) was here on loan from Connexions, but did not see use in service.

3rd November 2022
Former Go Coach Solo (YJ57 XWR) has been reported here. This was previously operated by Nottingham City Transport.

17th October 2022
Dennis Trident/Plaxton President (LR52 KXJ) reported to be fleet number 22 (not 14 as previously stated).

6th October 2022
Dennis Dart 14 (WA56 FKO) has been withdrawn and due to be scrapped.
Dennis Trident/Plaxton President (LR52 KXJ) from Jim Hughes Coaches, Newcastle. New to Metroline, London it then passed to Fishwicks, then Tyrers and onto Bradshaws coaches where it was painted into its current livery, of orange with a black front down to the bottom of the windscreen.
MPD 22 (HW54 BUV) has been sold to David Goodfellow coaches for use on the Thorne Town Service. A Solo is expected to arrive to replace this.

6th September 2022
Solo 25 is now in fleet livery.

24th August 2022
Enviro E200 MCV (LK09 EKJ) is the new number 2.
Enviro E200 (LK08 DXC) is the new number 5.
To confirm Optare Solo (YJ57 XWP) is numbered 25, and the open topper remains as fleet number 24.

15th August 2022
The latest addition to the fleet is Optare Solo (YJ57 XWP), in use in Go Coach livery with Hulleys fleet names.

26th July 2022
Omnicity (YN56 NVF) is on loan here from Connexions whilst E400 number 16 is away for repairs. It retains Ipswich livery.

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Johnson Bros / Redferns


6th September 2022 Olympian (G864 XDX) has been sold for preservation. New to Chambers of Bure it is hoped to be restored back into that livery.

Olympian (G102 AAD) also reported as sold.

Four former NCT Omnidekkas have arrived here via Ensign. Former Nottingham 921-4 (YT61 FFH/J/K/L), the later retaining its allover advert for Nottingham Castle.

Ex Stantons Omnidekka (YN53 RYZ) should now ne in use. Former First Wessex Omnidekka (YN04 GLV) is now in Johnsons blue livery.

31st January 2022 Redfern Travel Omnidekka (YN55 NGZ) has been repainted in the Redfern Travel livery after being off the road for just over 13 months. It should due to enter service soon.

ALX400 (S805 BWC) has also been repainted into the Johnson Bros livery, but still awaiting some finishing touches with sister (S811 BWC) now away being repainted, along with First Omnidekka (YN04 GLV).

Former Stantons of Stoke Omnidekkas (YN53 CFE) & (YN53 RYZ) arrived late December 2021, still in their full livery. (YN53 CFE) was new to Nottingham as their 722 and (YN53 RYZ) was new to Metrobus as their 6487. Both omnidekkas are due to enter service later this year.


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Littles Travel



9th January 2023 New additions to the fleet, and in the new style livery, are two former Metroline (London) E400s. They are D21/2 (LK08 DYA) / (LK08 NVE).


Recently acquired Optare Tempo (YJ07 VSF) is seen here in Ilkeston.
(C)Geoff Girling

8th December 2022 3 Optare Tempos (YJ07 VSE), (YJ07 VSF), and (YJ07 VSP) have arrived from CT4N. They were new to Trent Barton. They are numbered B1/2/3, and replace the two former Trent Solos and ex morebus Volvo (HF54 HGK).
E200 B14 (KX59 GKV) now carries re (AGZ 9364).
E200 B15 (KX59 CYY) now carries reg (AGZ 9365).
E200 B8 (SN65 OFA) now carries a revised livery, with a purple back end and front panel, and looks much better!

29th September 2022 Littles will operate route 14 in Ilkeston (currently CT4N) from Monday. From the same date they will no longer operate route 9 (Derby - Ockbrook), 73 to Weston or the 142/3/7/9/150 services in the Matlock/Alfreton area.

Recent additions are short E200 MMCs (SN67 XBJ/K).

24th May 2022 A second white streetlite, (SK68 TXN) has been reported here. The two vehicles were in use with Go NE towards the end of year, on loan in plain white. They may be on long/short term loan to Littles.

17th May 2022 A white Streetlite (SK68 TXO) is in use here in plain white with no fleet names.


Streetlite (SK68 TXO) is seen here in Derby Bus Station on route 73.
(C)Adrian Healey

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Midland Classic / Diamond East Midlands

23rd November 2023

Latest repaint into Diamond livery are Metrocitys 30991/2 (YJH16 DXU/T). Repaints are now expected at a quicker pace, as they have been over recent weeks.

14th November 2023

Evora (BV21 OPM) has been repainted into Diamond livery.

E400 40522 (SN11 BNE) has been repainted into blue diamond livery.
Former Yellow buses Gemini (BF15 KFC) is now also in Diamond livery.


Evora .
(C)Geoff Girling


E400 (SN11 BNE) has been repainted into Diamond livery.
(C)Chris Broom

19th September 2023

Wright Streetdecks 40824/6 (MX21 AUU/W) joined the fleet earlier this month.
Streetdeck 40834 (MX21 AVG) has also been in use in Burton, but has now moved to diamond north west.

3rd August 2023

5 former Yellow buses Volvo B5 Gemini 3s are now in the fleet:
40610 (BF15 KFG),
40611 (BF15 KFK),
40612 (BF15 KFE),
40613 (BF15 KFD),
40616 (BF15 KFA).

The two DAF Geminis 40633/4 (LJ04 LFV/LGA) and all the Volvo B7/Presidents have now been withdrawn.

21st April 2023

2 former Yellow buses Volvo B5 Gemini 3, 40612/3 (BF15 KFD/E) have joined the fleet. Up to 6 may enter service here soon, replacing older vehicles.


2 former Yellow Buses Volvo Geminis 40612/3 (BF15 KFD/E) have recently entered service in Burton.
(C)Geoff Girling

9th January 2023

Versa 30967 (YJ57 XVT) is now in use here,similar 30968 (YJ57 XVW) likely to join it.
Scania E300 30913 (HK62 MCL) has been withdrawn following an RTA.


Diamond Versa 30967 (YJ57 XVT) is a new addition to the Burton fleet.
(C)Geoff Girling


31428 (KW14 MCL) has been repainted into Diamond blue. The vehicle previously carried branding for the X12 service.
(C)Mark Kinson

8th December 2022

E200 31428 (2) (KW14 MCL) has returned from repaint in Diamond blue.

3rd November 2022

Scania E300 30913 (former 21) - (HK62 MCL) has been repainted into Diamond bus blue. X12 branded E200 31428 (2) (KW14 MCL) has gone for repaint and will return in blue.

Wright Streetdeck 40725 (MX20 HVJ) reported to have left the fleet, along with 3 of the Irizar i3s. The i3s, 30997/8/9 (YN17 ONL/K/J) have been returned to Reading buses, as they were leased from them. The remainder are owned by Diamond and expected to stay, for now at least.

29th September 2022

Two Optare Metrocities to join the fleet are ex Central buses 30972/4(YJ16 DDL/O). Both are in Diamond blue livery.

E200 31417 (YY15 NJF) has been repainted into Diamond blue, and is now in service here. 31418 (YY15 NJK) and 31422 (SN66 WJZ) are set to follow.


Former Johnsons 31417 now repainted and part of the Diamond East Midlands/Midland Classic Burton fleet.
(C)Geoff Girling

6th September 2022

A second Streetdeck has joined the Burton fleet 40725 (MX20 HVJ).

Dennis Trident open topper 40100 (FOR 35T) is now based here.

Former Johnsons E200 31417 (YY15 NJF) has joined the Burton fleet, currently away for repaint.

E200 38 has returned from bodywork repairs after an RTA. It still carries Midland Classic livery, but is the first "classic" vehicle to carry a diamond fleet number.


Streetdeck 40726 in service in Burton.
(C)Geoff Girling


Streetdeck 40725 in service in Burton.
(C)Mark Kinson

8th August 2022

Midland Classic has been sold to Rotala, and is set to be branded as Diamond East Midlands, adopting their blue livery. They took control from Thursday 4th August 2022. The Routemaster and a number of preserved vehicles were not included in the sale. Stevensons liveried Scania 85 is understood to also not be included in the sale, but continues in use here. The rest of the fleet in use have been allocated 5 digit Diamond fleet numbers (listed soon). New numbers and fleetnames have not yet been applied to vehicles.

Diamond liveried Streetdeck 40726 (MX20 HVK) has joined the Burton fleet.

21st April 2022

85 has been repainted into Stevensons livery and re registered (TFA 13).


85 now carries Stevensons livery.
(C)Richard Woodhead

18th February 2022

Scania 75 has been repainted into the new style livery, with branding for route 1, the Tutbury Jinny. The Tutbury Jinny was the name given to the rail service between Tutbury and Burton, via Stretton and Rolleston, which ceased on 11th June 1960. The line remained in place into the 70s. Much of it is now a pedestrian walkway/cycle path.

Versa 41 now carries fleet livery.

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Nottingham buses




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Paul S Winsons Loughborough


16th August 2020


Volvo (FJU 973) seen here in Loughborough. New to Anglian,Beccles as (AU06 BPK), it was recently acquired from Blackpool Transport.



Skills, Nottingham


26th October 2023
9 new Scania Levante 3a complete with mirror cameras have arrived for National Express work. They are:
(BV73 ZTO),
(BV73 ZTL),
(BV73 ZTM),
(BV73 ZTN),
(BV73 ZTP),
(BV73 ZTR),
(BV73 ZTS),
(BV73 ZTT),
(BV73 ZTU).

3rd October 2023
Brand new Tourismos to arrive here are:
(BF73 CCX),
(BF73 CCY),
(BF73 CCZ).

(BX16 CJJ) sold to Evobus.

6th September 2022
Tri axle Scania Irizar i8 (YN72 ZYO) has joined the fleet, in Leger holidays livery.

Two brand new 2 axle Tourismos have arrived too:
(BV72 YAD) - Skills Green.
(BV72 YAE) - light blue.

Following recent arrivals (see below) Irizars (YN14 NOU) and (YR15 ODT) and Interlink (YN17 OOU) have been returned to Scania from short term lease.

Tri axle Tourismos to arrive here are:
(BV22 WRW),
(BV22 WRX).

Brand new Scania Irizars now here are:
(YS22 JFX) - skills.
(YS22 JFY) - skills.
(YS22 JFZ) - Shearings.
(YS22 JGX) - Skills.
(YS22 JGY) - Skills.
(YS22 JGZ) -Skills.
(LX22 GER) - Leger Luxuria.

13th June 2022
The first of the 5 Volvo B7 / ALX400 is now in use. All have been painted:
AX454 (06-D-30454) now (FB06 KYH).
AX457 (06-D-30457) now (FB06 KYF)
AX458 (06-D-30458) now (FT06 VGV) - in service.
AX462 (06-D-30462) now (FB06 KYG)?.
AX463 (06-D-30463) now (FB06 LBJ).

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TM Travel


See Wellglade section.


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Vectare East Midlands


3rd October 2023
Vectare East Midlands now operate service 9/9a Derby to Borrowash/Ockbrook. Diamond bus have operated the route for the last year.


Minibus (RX23 TKV) seen here in Derby on the 9a.
(C)Adrian Healey



The Wellglade group
trent barton, kinchbus, notts+derby and T M Travel.



14th November 2023
All of the Threes E200s have now been delivered (see below). Some of the threes versas are now being used as spare buses. All are expected to be kept within the Welglade fleets.

Solo 462 is now in use with Trent at Derby - where it was new on the Allestree route over 20 years ago.


Former Threes Versa 826 is now in use with notts and derby.
(C)Geoff Girling


Former Connect Solo 485 is now in use with notts and derby.
(C)Geoff Girling

7th November 2023
Most of the threes E200s have now been delivered and are in use, see updated list below.

Threes Versa 826 and Connect Solo 485 are now in use with notts and derby.

Indigo 207 suffered fire damage in Beeston in September. It is unlikely to return to service.

New E200s MMCs arrived/in use here so far:

176 (YX73 OUA) - Mango - Sutton.
177 (YX73 OUB) - Mango - Sutton.
178 (YX73 OUC) - Threes - Sutton.
179 (YX73 OUD) - Threes - Sutton.
180 (YX73 OUE) - Threes - Sutton.
181 (YX73 OUF) - Threes - Sutton.
182 (YX73 OUG) - Threes - Sutton,
183 (YX73 OUH) - Threes - Sutton,
184 (YX73 OUJ) - Threes - Sutton,
185 (YX73 OUK) - Threes - Sutton,
186 (YX73 OUL) - Threes - Sutton,
187 (YX73 OUM) - Threes - Sutton,
188 (YX73 OUN) - Threes - Sutton,
189 (YX73 OUO) - Threes - Sutton,
190 (YX73 OUP) - Threes - Sutton,
191 (YX73 OUS) - Threes - Sutton,
192 (YX73 OUU) - Threes - Sutton,
193 (YX73 OUV) - Threes - Sutton,
194 (YX73 OUW) - Threes - Sutton,
195 (YX73 OUY) - Threes - Sutton.

6th September 2023
Notts and Derby Solos 484 and 475 now carry notts and Derby livery (blue and green).


Brand new threes E200 179 was the first to enter service here on Tuesday 5th September.
(C)Ash Hammond


Kinchbus have this Mellor demo on loan for 2 weeks, for use on the Sprint service.
(C)Geoff Girling

3rd August 2023
107 has joined 108 at Loughborough.
703 has returned to service after being off the road "awaiting parts/repair" for almost a year.

Shortage of spare parts appears to mean vehicles are spending longer periods off the road, and is being blamed for service cancellations. New E200s are due in the coming months for the threes, around 5 including some in mango livery are due in September, with more to follow in October. The Versas are expected to be retaained to replace some of the Solos.

3 older Volvos are due to be refurbished/repainted to replace the skylink xpress Scanias, 743 reported to be one of them.

3rd July 2023
E200 108 now in Kinch livery and in service. 107 to follow. As a result red Volvo 739 has returned to Trent and is in use at Langley Mill. 733 is expected to transfer from Kinch to Trent.

The new ADL E200s for the threes are now in build. They should start to be delivered soon.


Former Mickleover E200 fleet number 108 has been repainted into Kinchbus livery.
(C)Geoff Girling


1412 arrives into Bakewell on a 218.

Yourbus, Nottingham

YOURBUS ceased trading on Friday 4th october 2019

For a list of former vehicles, where they moved on to, and one or two photos see previous news pages. Last Months News

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